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Who is the Bengals highest profile free agent signed?


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They have a horrible record bringing in big free agents, but I'm hoping for 1 of the following

Sproles - Help Special Teams and RB

Gross - Help Tackle and then they could take an impact Defensive player @ #6

Brown - Need a Center

I know they have no chance for Haynesworth, but a signing like that could signal a change.

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I can't see the Chargers letting Sproles just walk and if Gross doesn't sign long term with the Panthers, he will probably be tagged. Brown may be a better option at us getting him, but Baltimore seems pretty high on keeping him there. There's always hope I suppose. Hope and beer. There's always hope and beer. Well, for Billy, I'll include boobies. So, there's always hope, beer, and boobies !!! There you go...

What were we talking about ??

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I haven't paid too much attention to FA yet simply because a lot of potential FAs will get re-signed by their own teams before March 1. If Seattle FB Leonard Weaver makes it out I'd like to see them make a run at him. But that would be as close to a top-tier signing as I'd expect this year. I do believe they'll sign a veteran center, though who I don't know. Hard to think they couldn't find an upgrade to David Jones at corner, though I admit Jones was looking improved toward the end of the year.

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Carolina has to tag either Peppers or Gross. Can't do both.

I think keeping Gross is a higher priority for them than Peppers. So my guess is they'll sign Gross first then tag Peppers. They might be willing to trade JP or perhaps they'll keep him. He wants out of Carolina though.

Peppers wants to play in a 3-4 D. My guess is that the Jets and Browns both make a good run for him and he'll be the highest paid defensive player in football. He'll command more than 10 million a year, maybe even 35 million guaranteed.

I am hoping the Bengals #1 target is Brown for the entire offseason. He is proven, is young with upside and is battled tested. The Bengals have to get more physical in the running game and what better way to do it than by signing a guy that practices against Ngata and Ray everyday. Sproles will be much more expensive than resigning Benson and is not an every down back for a full schedule. Give me Ced.

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"Who is the Bengals highest profile free agent signed?"

Kevin Hardy is my best guess.

Can anyone think of someone else?

Odom even makes this list I think.

Deltha was a trade.

Tory James perhaps?

Depends on how far you go back.

Richie Braham was acquired on waivers from AZ, so he was technically a FA. Believe it or not, I would have to say Jon Kitna. He did help bring back the Bengals from the laughingstock of the NFL with a couple of 8-8 seasons. Honorable mention would have to include Ashley Ambrose (one of my personal all-time favorites), Tory James and Lorenzo Neal, who all went to the Pro Bowl here.

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Yup, the most important FA to keep is Benson, not TJ or Opie. And the biggest bang for the buck FA addition would likely be Brown, both for the positive impact it would have on the Bengals, but also due to the negative impact dealt to a major division rival.

That would be good or even one of the older centers who could mentor which ever center we take,I liked the article on Canfield if we don't get shot at matt and try put ungor or luigs off till the 3rd.

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Put me FIRMLY in the camp of James "motherf*cking" Brooks !!!

Came over from San Diego, went to 4 probowls with the Bengals as well as Super Bowl XXIII. When he left, he was the Bengals all time leading rusher.

Oddly enough and something I wasn't aware of, he as arrested in 1999 for not paying over 100,000 in child support. His defense was that he was illiterate and couldn't hold down a job after the NFL. (per wikipedia)

So yeah, James Brooks...

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