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Say you had to trade Chad for one of these guys?


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T.O., PBurris, and BEdwards, T.O. has all the tools except for that attitude...PBurris is a big game player and makes the crucial catch when the team needs it, he was not as bad in Pittsburgh like he is now, maybe the bright lights of Broadway got to him...BEdwadrs has not shown me enough he has talent but drops way too many balls...

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Plax Burris

Braylon Edwards


If you had a gun to your head and hand to trade for one these nuts, name your order

Braylon Edwards, T.O and then Plax.

Plax is going to jail, if he wasn't he would be second. Braylon is a couple of things away from being a great receiver. He just has to calm down during games. I would love to trade him for Chad.

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Sorry, that's all I had to add here...

Ditto that...

...and I'd trade Fredo for a ham sandwich from Arby's about now. Especially over the three putrid options given here.

Braylon--overrated prima donna that drops even more passes than Fredo

Plaxico--shoots off more than his mouth

T.O.--Fredo on two cases of Red Bull, and too old

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Yikes. Definitely not TO, he's old, his skills are clearly diminishing, and he's still a pain in the ass.

So, Edwards or Burress? I'm less worried about the gun with Burress - I'd have to imagine he's learned his lesson there, and if he hasn't he's truly a fuggtard. I'm more worried about how he felt entitled enough to blow off meetings and stuff. Sort of above the team.

I guess I'm left with Edwards, provided he loses the dropsy. I'm less worried about his mouthing off, it didn't seem that bad.

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