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A win does what for us


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So, I ask you again, winning one of the last five games or all of them does what for the team? Before I get started, let me say this. I DO NOT WANT TO THROW GAMES. I DO NOT WISH FOR A LOSS. I HATE TO SEE THE BENGALS LOSE! However, what will we get out of one to five wins? Build confidence going into next season? It didn't help us with this season. Will it make our guys play harder next season? No. Will it help us get a winning season? No. Will it take us out of the top five draft picks? Yes. There are already four teams with less then 3 wins.

I know there will be some people bashing me on this but last year I spoke up and said that winning at the end of the season would push our draft pick up and it did. This year, we have a chance to select within the top four picks. We can draft a great player, or trade and obtain additional draft picks. The higher the draft pick we have the more we can deal with!

Here are some things to look at. Chad isn't going any where next year. His numbers aren't that great and other teams see what kind of distraction he is so they won't be interested in a trade deal. We're stuck with him.

TJ is a free agent and we'll most likely tag him as our franchise player. I just hope we don’t end up letting him go! He’s averaged 9.7 yards per catch and leads the team in catches and yardage.

The battle starts in the trenches and we really need linemen on both sides of the ball. Do we take a lineman with our first pick or trade the pick for additional picks?

We also need to look at RB. Who is going to carry the rock for us in the future? Is Benson the answer? Chris Perry, aka Mr. Fumble isn’t the answer!

Back up QB is another concern. We need a guy who can go into a game and lead the team to a win. Not sure how Palmer will be after this injury.

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each win this team gets is less money mikey boy has to pay when the draft comes around. so i hope we end up dead last so mikey has to pay out the ass for the top pick.

For that very reason I think we need to win 2 out of the next 4 - any pick in the top 5 is so prohibitive - both in wages / salary cap and in trade value - that a range of 6th to 8th gives us the best shot at not screwing up. We either get an 'elite' talent left on the board without breaking the bank, or a favorable trade offer.

On average, there are anywhere from 6 to 10 "elite" or can't miss prospects every year, including one or two that shoot up the boards after the season due to size / speed combine scores and the all-star games. This year the elite will include 2 or 3 OT's (Oher, Smith, & maybe Monroe), 1 QB (Stafford), 1 WR (Crabtree), and the DE Orakpo from Texas. Possible "zoomers" include RBs Wells & Moreno, DL Johnson, Cody, & Hardy, and a host of other possibles (other OL, QB, more DL, or especially DBs (Mays/Jenkins/Moore?).

Does it matter? Is there any possible scenario that is idiot-proof (i.e. Mikey-proof)?

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