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Bearcat's big win

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Yes, yes, I know......the Big East this year is comparable to the NFC North, with several marginally good teams and a couple of Detroit Lion - type doormats. Regardless, it's still alot of fun to see these kids play their hearts out, and to see superior game coaching.

Saturday night's win against Pitt was a blast, enabling at least one Cincinnati football squad to beat a Pittsburgh team :) ....in this case, for UC's 1st win ever against the Panthers. The defense, after the initial drive, played inspired football. QB Tony Pike played with alot of poise, and alot of courage. FUN, FUN, FUN!

I saw something very weird at the end of the game. Pitt ran a play, time ran down, and the fans began to pour out of the north stands on to the field. The goal posts were well on their way to going down for the count. The officials put 4 seconds back on the clock due to a penalty, and the PA announcer asked the fans to leave the field.

It was amazing - like watching the tide going out in fast forward. A solid line of fans filled the endzone all the way to the 40 yard line, and this sea of black & red ebbed off the field, through the endzone, and up into the stands. The northern goalposts, well past half mast, were erected back in place by volunteers with - what looked like - shuffleboard sticks. All of this took place in about 45 seconds - it was really weird!

Anyway - Go Bearcats!

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Do I read this correctly as saying that UC is on the verge of winning the Big East, and that a BCS Bowl game is the reward for doing that?

Because if that is the case, think of the teams they may face in the bowl game.

Actually, it might not be as daunting as all that. They will probably be Orange Bowl bound (with the Sugar Bowl an outside possibility), so the the "Big" bowls look like this (IMHO):

BCS Champ - Big 12 winner (Oklahoma or Texas) vs SEC champ (Florida or Alabama)

Fiesta Bowl - Texas or Oklahoma vs USC or Ohio State

Rose Bowl - Oregon State or USC vs Penn State

Sugar Bowl - Alabama or Florida vs Utah or Cincy

Orange Bowl - ACC Champ vs Cincy or Boise State

As far as predicting the Acc Champ - YIKES - Still in it are Florida State, BC, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and about another 4 or 5 teams. I'm hoping for Virginia Tech (lots of Hokie friends) but I'd bet Florida State and Miami make the ACC Championship game, giving the Bearcats a shot at 'ol man Bowden and the 'Noles. :D Awesome! :sure:

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Yeah, how do you like that ?? West Virginia gets beat by Pittsburgh and the Bearcats are Big East Champs !!! Something I found interesting was Lesean McCoy stating he would be coming back for his senior season and NOT entering the NFL draft. I still think if the rookie contracts hava a limit placed on them the following draft, he as well as many other underclassmen will change their minds...


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