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Best part of last Thursdays game


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needed to be done.

just one guy regaining some self-respect, others need to follow.

We may lose the game but you will limp out of here bloodied, filled with thoughts of how much that win hurt to attain.

I'd like to see SHirley get in some games and cause some havok.

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THAT is how you "lead with your shoulder" and plant into the chest of an opponent. Unreal how some want to say that was dirty. Actually led with the shoulder and hit with the shoulder and didn't go towards the head of the player. Amazing how that works huh ?? Now if Crocker can continue to do that, I would be real happy. Hopefully it's not another hit like OhIsuckalote laid on Sorgi in that preseason game a few years back and than went on to suck more than most thought was possible to describe the word SUCK !!!

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