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Do the players hate Mike Brown enough to.....?


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Can these Cincinnati Bengals screw Mike Brown by earning the 1st round pick? Figure it will cost him at least

$50 MILLION DOLLARS. Don't you think its justice to stick Mike with such a bar tab?

I think it will be wonderful to force MB to suffer the cost of the Number 1. Let him trade it if he can, which I am sure he will try. Still, it will cause him nightmares between Jan 1 and April knowing he is on the hook to pay some stud $50 million during a Big Recession/Small Depression.

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That is why I want the first pick...#1 you get who u want, #2 I want to screw MB by paying somebody who hasn't done anything yet.

I hate to break it to you, but not a single player in the upcoming draft has done anything that makes them a worthy professional. The ONLY way to prove that is by playing professionally. Until they do that, you don't know jack s**t about them. How thousands of people think they're doing something productive by mocking the draft totally astounds me! You might as well piss up a rope.

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