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Marvin Lewis Press Conference


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Marvin Lewis Press Conference

October 1, 2008

Opening comments:

ML: We had a good start to the week, a good practice as we prepare for the Cowboys. I think we have a chance to be a little bit healthier this week. We'll see as we go through the week.

Q: Did Carson participate in practice?

ML: Yes, he participated in some of the running-game stuff and did some rehab throwing.

Q: What is rehab throwing?

ML: Rehab throwing. Just what he was told to do.

Q: How did Cedric Benson look?

ML: I thought he did a good job. He had a little crash course for 24 hours. He seemed to carry his pads well and had a little burst and acceleration, which is what he did a couple times yesterday on the field (during a tryout).

Q: Will he play Sunday?

ML: I believe so.

Q: When will you decide on a quarterback?

ML: We'll see how Carson does through the week and what the plan of the medical staff is. We'll just follow that course and see how it comes out.

Q: How did Chris Henry look?

ML: He took all the snaps with the scout team. He gets a chance to be 81 (Terrell Owens) this week. He did a good job.

Q: Will you decide later in the week with him, too?

ML: Yes.


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