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Chad Johnson Should Be Made Player/Coach


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ML fired. CJ hired.

Yes, they will still suck, but they will be MUST SEE suck. It would at least be interesting. I would take interesting at this point.

Plus, what if Cj were some sort of coaching idiot savant? How much fun would that story be?

Someone, make this happen.

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Who among us wouldn't find this absolutely compelling? The year is f**ked anyway. This team is going to lose 12+ games with ML at coach, so, how much worse could it be with CJ at the helm?

Let's find out.

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I ignore his name change until he catches more than four passes in a game.

I again raise my call for this to happen, along with documentary cameras, as he addresses Ced Benson and Chris Henry and what he expects from them in terms of behavior.

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