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Problem with the Blitz?


Who's the problem?  

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  1. 1. What's wrong with the Bengals Blitz?

    • Mike Zimmer
    • D-Line
    • LBs
    • Secondary
    • All of the above

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Whatever it is or who it is, it needs to be fixed & fixed this Sunday against the clowns! When we blitzed Eli last Sunday we sent in like seven guys and any other team would at least made him get rid of the ball faster. We ain't going to win any games against any play-off contenders if we can't get this fixed!

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The lack of speed off the edge, particularly from our SSLBers, is staggering when compared to what other teams can bring.

My biggest problem with our blitz is that our guys are just not fast enough to "get there", resulting, way too often, in a qb able to hang in that one last split second and launch a pass, like, say, that one to Toomer on Sunday that ended the game.

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How about the scheme of the blitz you can blitz all you want, but at sometime you have to do some kind of exotic blitzes have people come and some back out, confuse the QB. I think Zimmer should watch some Philly tape and see how Jim Johnson Blitz because his always seem to get there and it looks good.

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It's definitely not Mike Zimmer. I could see him becoming head coach if Marv gets canned. Zimmer is the only one out there who shows any passion and enthusiasm.

Yep when we let Jacobs or Ward get like a 20-30 yard run Zimmer is on them like hell while Marvin sits there & thinks what to do...... :blink:

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The blitzes are too predictable and have always been as such. The Bengals don't disguise the blitz as much as some other teams do and Eli mentioned that last week prior to the game. Another problem with the blitz, outside of not having a true pash rusher at LB on the entire roster (other than Blackstock) is that our LB's and S's are not good in man coverage and the CB's have not been getting a good bump on the WR's at the line of scrimmage. It seems almost routine that when the Bengals blitz, the middle of the field is wide open because Jeanty or Rivers is out of position, after a blitz by either Dhani Jones or one of the CB's or S's (Hall or Jackson/Nduke). I would like to see more zone blitzes, where Odom or Geathers drop into coverage and they blitz Rivers, Johnson and Blackstock (who should be on the field on passing downs). With a less talented defensive roster during the LeBeau years, this was highly effective, as evidenced by the last time the Bengals had a top-10 defense.

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