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Wednesday morning practice stuff


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Some notes from Curnutte:


" The Bengals are on the field this morning for their first of two practices today.

As anticipated, tailback Chris Perry -- coming back from serious ankle and shin injuries that prevented him from playing in 2007, is getting the morning off. It is scheduled rest. He rode an exercise bike on the sideline during the early part of practice.

Right tackle Willie Anderson was in his practice jersey but was not participating. He also appeared to be getting the morning off.

Early in practice, a jam drill consisting of receivers and defensive backs received a great deal of coaches' attention. Defensive coaches want their players to guide receivers out of bounds or pin them against the sideline after slowing their ability to get into their route. Offenses coaches stressed that receivers get their shoulders low and reduce the target for defenders.

Wide receiver Antonio Chatman had his right thigh wrapped with tape by an athletic trainer shortly after the start of practice but returned to participate. Fellow wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh was not on the field but was inside completing the standard, mandatory drug test.

During 11-on-11 team drill, safety Chinedum Ndukwe knocked down tailback James Johnson. Offensive lineman Scott Kooistra, following the play, warned Ndukwe. "Watch it, Chinedum."

I can't access C. Trent's LotD stuff from work (don't ask, we are randomly web-sense'd, and for some reason, that is), but if he has some observations up this morning, it would be nice if someone would paste them in here.

Oh, and I eff'd up the thread title---should say WEDNESDAY morning practice stuff. Can a mod change it?

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When you work every day getting ready for a hellacious trial, you lose track of what day is what. At least, that's what I am telling myself. The other option is I am getting old.

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When you work every day getting ready for a hellacious trial, you lose track of what day is what. At least, that's what I am telling myself. The other option is I am getting old.

Oh just do a plea deal and save yourself some Bengal training camp time! :lol:

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Civil. Settlement apparently ain't happening.

Whole thing is costing me my yearly Georgetown trip this weekend. First time I have missed the mock game and scrimmage in three years.

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Has anyone else noticed that the Bengals new highest priority is health? Training camp is shorter than ever with fewer practices, players getting scheduled days off as well. I think that team health is about as important as talent level, coaching and execution in the NFL, but I hope that they aren't sacrificing quality of play to gain, in theory, more healthy bodies.

It makes me think about what happens when you play not to get hurt. You get hurt.

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Here ya go mem....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 11:38 AM EST [bengals]

GEORGETOWN, Ky. -- Once again, rain came down right at the end of the morning practice today.

The Bengals go again tonight at 7 p.m.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh was held out with "soreness in his legs," offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski said. Bratkowski said T.J. is "50-50" to practice tonight. Chris Perry and Willie Anderson had schedule rest days, missing the practice.

Rudi Johnson's been a focal point and I'll be writing about him and have a story on him up here in a bit.

Also talked to Ahmad Brooks and will ahve his comments here in a bit.

Kevin Coyle got up in Marvin White's face after a nice catch by Mario Urrutia.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 09:14 AM EST [bengals]

GEORGETOWN, Ky. -- Morning practice is underway.

Just checking in. All looks fine so far.

The way it works on days there are two practices, the first practice is on the outside fields and the kickers workout on the stadium field. That means I'm going to be going back and forth, but I can't do as many live updates as I do when they're workign otu in the stadium.

The kickers are doing agility drills and it looks like Jeremi Johnson is joining them as well.

* Out of practice are Willie Anderson, Chris Perry and T.J. Houshmandzadeh -- but it doesn't look like anything serious, probably just routine caution with each. Houshmandzadeh had earlier undergone his routine, mandatory drug test.

* CFA Simeon Castille ends the early full-team work with an interception.

* Rudi Johnson continues to impress.

* A drop by Glen Holt and a slip and fall from Jerome Simpson get groans from the crowd.

* A long run by CFA James Johnson draws some ohs and ahs.

*Chad Johnson is in the main stadium, running a bit. He looks fine straight ahead, but looks to be struggling when he's asked to cut.


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And then there were two...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 11:55 AM EST [bengals]

GEORGETOWN, Ky. -- Keith Rivers is one of two first-round draft picks left to sign as his college teammate, Sedrick Ellis, signed with the Saints today.

According to ESPN, Ellis signed a five-year deal with the Saints. The report says it could max out at $49 million and guaranteed $19.5 million.

The only other draft pick unsigned is the guy picked just ahead of Rivers, Jacksonville's Derrick Harvey.

The player picked after Rivers, the Patriots' Jerod Mayo signed a five-year deal worth $18.9 million and $13.8 million. The 11th pick, Buffalo's Leodis McKelvin signed a five-year deal worth $19.4 million and $12.6 guaranteed.

There's a pretty big jump from $49/19.5 mil and $18.9/13.8 and that's probably what both the Jaguars and Bengals are talking about to their respective picks. It will be interesting to see which player signs first.

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C. Trent's call-in to the McAllister show on 1530 he said, among other things:

Re Ahmad Brooks, Brooks told C. Trent that they have basically told him "just go get the quarterback. Stop thinking, and go get the guy with the ball."

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sounds like Ahmad is a little lite on the brain weight.

..."Go get the quarterback" ?????

While I like the idea in principle, how can it be he just can't "get it"?

I like hearing about all the DB's practicing at a high level. Also, it would seem to me that we should not yet judge our D line by how well they stand up to our O line, as our O line is shaping up to be damn good. At minimum, our D line should get better quicker going against our monster O line.

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