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Yahoo: Worst NFL Owners

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While I can't argue with ranking Mikey at the bottom (except to say that he ought to be below Weaver simply because for all his faults Weaver has fielded a better team), Silver's rationale is weak. Brown believes the teams should have more ability to discipline players, versus having discipline centralized under the league front office and constrained by the CBA. Now, there are pros and cons to that approach, and you can argue both sides, but IMHO it's a legitimate debate. And that (as Silver suggests) the Bengals have done a poor job with discipline helps prove Mikey's point -- a team's hands are to a large extent tied.

There are plenty of reasons to knock Brown, from nepotism and cronyism to the lack of accountability and urgency to skinflint ways and poor decision-making and on and on. But the discipline issue is just a cheap shot by Silver.

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