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Mike Pollak on Keith Rivers


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So he's in the dorm room next door?

No just around campus, but I talked to him during a radio show at a sports bar when he was discussing the draft. I asked him about Ellis and Rivers because I knew we'd draft one of them and he played against them both.

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I'm a student and season ticket holder at ASU.

WTF!?! You live in Arizona too!?! :o

I thought everyone knew. That's why I'm always pimping Pac-10 players.

No I didn't. I'm up in Prescott. I assume you're in Tempe?

Tempe via Scottsdale.

Scottsdale is nice. I lived on 7th Avenue and Thomas, moved north of Cave Creek on the Carefree Highway, then further north to Prescott. Let me know if you're up my way. I'll buy you a drink on Whiskey Row. B)

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Sounds good. I have some family up in Carefree so I make it up there sometimes. Haven't been upto Prescott in a while though...

Well maybe we can hook up half way at Annies bar in Black Canyon City just off I-17 and catch a game.


I know the owner there. She's good people.

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