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Would they draft Chad again?

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The thread title says it all.

The NFL Network reported Michigan WR Mario Manningham visited the Bengals today. (04/19/08) Manningham isn't considered worthy of the Bengals current 1st round pick so his visit led to speculation about the Bengals moving down in the draft, probably into the 20's, or perhaps considered it possible Manningham would be available when they pick in the 2nd round. Manningham is thought to have fallen off some draft boards due to a recent admission that he had been caught smoking pot multiple times and had lied to teams during his interviews at the scouting combine.

From PFW...

"Manningham needs to add some meat on his bones but otherwise has the skill set to develope into a legitimate No.1 reciever. Similar to Bengals WR Chad Johnson in physical and mental makeup, he is the type of player teams will not want to defend, yet those teams will be wary about letting him in their locker room. If he commits himself to the game he could be a regular in Honolulu."

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I heard him interviewed on Sirius on Monday. Based on that interview, I would say don't even think about having this guy on your team. Asked to explain his lies to numerous teams at the combine, he couldn't express a coherent thought. Given the chance to explain his pot smoking, he wouldn't. Asked to explain why he'd been suspended from the Michigan program, he rambled nonsensically, never giving an answer.

After hearing the interview, I thanked my lucky stars that the Bengals wouldn't think of drafting this guy. Then I read that he's visiting. Please let his be a spy vs. spy move. We feint towards wide receiver, then we go D-line.

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I was amazed to hear about the visit and the first thoughts that crossed my mind were...

A - They're hoping he falls to #46....and he just might.

B - If the Bengals draft Manningham it will very correctly be judged as a direct result of Chad's meltdown.

C - All of the sudden the concerns about Malcom Kelly's speed seem less important to me.

D - I may have to reconsider buying one of those 86 85 T-shirts.

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Despite a gut reaction that says "as long as he is not a damned rastafarian, keeps his vehicle regstration up to date and avoids waving guns at crowds of people then I am willing to.....", wait... I must use the Chad's, Odell's, Nicholson's, etc as the yardstick and that being what it is means we must pass on him.

There are plenty of good WR's in this draft. Caldwell would serve us nicely in r2.

If anything, Manningham having a visit could be them just seeing how "bad" the guy is...you never know, could be a double-pump head fake as COB observes.

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