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What do u think?

El Tigere

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If we Traded our 1st and 3rd pick to move up to Kansas city's 1st rnd 5 pick over all! We would secure either Dorsey or Ellis! We would still have a 3rd pick left!

Let me know what u guys think!

Why don't we throw Carson or TJ in on the deal?? It would take a 2nd (#46), not a 3rd(#77), pick

The way to trade for this draft is DOWN !!!! Pick #77 this year, used wisely, is equivalent to pick #35 last year (Ryan Khalil vs. Mike Pollak).

We need too much help to squander draft picks. Who says Ellis / Dorsey will be gone? - there's probably a 60% chance one of them slides to #9. Additionally, there's some great DT's in later rounds (Moore, Laws, Pressly, Rubin)

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What pick did we trade for Fitzpatrick??

6 I believe. Don't know if it was conditional or not.

As for trading up, I'm all for it. And the Bengals are apparently willing to part with some picks, judging by their pursuits of Rogers and Ellis. I was mulling one scenario this morning:

1. Miami - C. Long: Just plugging in the conventional wisdom.

2. St. Louis - J. Long: could go d-line & are said to covet Gholsten, but quality d-linemen will be available at the top of round 2.

3. Atlanta - D. McFadden: Blank needs to reinflate the franchise and a lineman won't get the fans' juices flowing.

4. Oakland - S. Ellis: Coaching staff knows him, perfect replacement for Sapp.

5. (trade) New England - V Gholsten: Pats/Jets feud gets nastier when Bill jumps up to rob Mangenius. KC targets Dorsey at 7.

6. (trade) Cincinnati - G. Dorsey: Mike Brown pulls the trigger, leapfrogs KC, grabs Dorsey. KC "settles" for an OT (probably Clady) at 7, Baltimore takes M. Ryan at 8 and the Jets take Stewart or Mendenhall at 9. Trade costs the Bengals their 3 and 5 picks.

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With the bold moves the front office has pulled during the FA market, I wouldn't be surprised in the least that they move up in the draft to get who they want. They have picks to spare at this point. It would be the right thing to do! :bengal:

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