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Vic Carucci of nfl.com forgot something

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So, it looks like he completely gaffed on his fisrt mock that he has posted. He doesn't have anyone in the first round taking Sedrick Ellis. He does however have us getting Gholston at #9. I have some other issues with his picks, but the Ellis thing is by far the biggest.

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From Vic's mailbag today:

Question: With your mock draft, am I missing something or are you suggesting USC defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis is not a first-round draft pick? Also, do you think the Bengals would pass him over if he was available, especially since signing Antwan Odom at defensive end and not needing to draft a defensive end at No. 9? I'm just curious, so please help me understand if you can. -- R. Williams.

I am not at all suggesting that Ellis lacks first-round ability. It just worked out that in my first mock draft (which, like all mocks, will be continually revised in the days and weeks leading up to the draft), the only team I had selecting a defensive tackle was Oakland. And, based on my current assessment of the college crop, Glenn Dorsey is the best player at the position.

I could easily see Ellis as the next defensive tackle off the board, and I would not be at all surprised if that happened in the first round. It makes sense that the Bengals would no longer use their first-round choice on a defensive end (I have them taking Ohio State's Vernon Gholston) now that they have signed Odom, the free agent from Tennessee. And Ellis might very well be the player they would target to address another big need.

Stay tuned.

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Wow, Carrucci should have just admitted his mistake and moved on. Instead, he digs the hole deeper and deeper by suggesting only one team wiould have drafted a DT in the first round.

How does a long time expert like Carrucci make such a goof!?! There is no way in hell only one DT goes in the first round. Teams will be drafting defense early and often IMO.

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