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Marvin Time Lapse


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Flash back to his days in Baltimore:

Marvin: Utilize the ... defensive scheme.

Ray Lewis: Shut the $%ck Up and don't get in my way.

On to Washington:

Marvin: This is what we need to do ...

Arrington: Did I hear something? Shut the *%ll Up and I'll get it done.

Cincy earlier this year:

Marvin: I am not a defensive guru.

Reply: He expects a reply telling him not to be so hard on himself, but is met with silence.

Monday at the Office (on the phone):

Head of Black Coaches Association: Why can't you win some games?

Marvin: Lack of consistency is key to the team's problems.

Head of Black Coaches Association: Get your @ss in gear! You and Ty Willingham are

slowly putting us out of business.

Marvin: Realizes the cat is out of the bag.

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