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Yeah, since the Bengals have a primetime game, I will be watching from Afghanistan !!! One of the members on my team is a HUGE Steelers fan and the two of us will be awake to watch early in the morning 5:45am Monday morning. We have a jersey bet on the game, where the loser has to wear the winners jersey for the day. Well, in the evening when we can get out of our uniforms !!! He has a Rottenfurburger and I have a Rudi, Carson, Or Chad to give to him if the Bengals can win !!! I'm just psyched to be able to watch a Bengals game !!!


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good point- but can i avoid looking at the score??!!

worryingly i just checked the tv listing which say that sky is showing the baltimore match- but i thiought that was monday nights game!!! :blink:

worse comes to, channel 5 are showing our game too.


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Great shout Jon - thanks for the tip off. I'll stay up and watch it, it'll be an early start for me in work the next day .... maybe even time to catch a fresh haggis as i traipse across the moors in the moonlight on the way in!!!!

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