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It is, and isn't. The D is bad and much of it can be chalked up to injuries. Would they be a top-flight squad with Pollack, Brooks, Jeanty, Henderson and the other guys they are missing? Who knows but they certainly could not be worse.

The O has a QB far superior to Blake, WR better than Pickens and Scott in CJ, TJ, Cheech and the supporting crew.

What is the same is the attitude and demeanor. The strides made to get to 05 seem to have slipped through the various off-field issues, injuries and back-lash from taking too may risks on character-issue players. Compound that with a persistent unwillingness to go after top-flight FA's and we now see that the Bengals are paying for this with underwhelming performances despite the absolute and undeniable raw talent that composes this team.

When healthy and professional, this team can regain or exceed the form of the 05 team. Until that happens this team will frustrate us with a steady showing of "almosts" and "what if's". Sadly, this relegates this franchise back into feeling like one of the 90's teams that could show up and make us take notice with a great game and then regress into a haphazard squad that looks disinterested in anything but picing up their game checks.

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It's like we're back in the Jeff Blake era.

Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/article.php?sid=595

90 and freaking 166. But the MBA's of this site (Mike Brown Apologists) will have you believe that this is just a great big coincidence.

Yeah as I remember the Bengals' have tried the new coach and coaching staff thing before, to no avail. Hell one of them even quit mid-season.

I have zero hope for this franchise unless they actually do change the way they're run at the top, and bring in an outside GM who has free reign on personnel and draft picks.

The fact Marvin had to keep loyal sloths like Paul Alexander shows you how little input he really has. He was just desperate for an opportunity like the ones before him who wouldn't get hired anywhere else.

When Coughlin demanded upgrades to things like better film access, scouting changes and other amenities that other clubs enjoy, he was shown the door.

And so it goes, Mike Brown will probably be watching Tom in the playoffs this year. (not that I'm a huge fan of his - but he's a better head coach than Marvin and doesn't put up the s**t Marvin does).

And yet Cincinnati fans think things like "the practice bubble" are just a big joke and mean nothing to achieving consistent success - suckers through and through. It's just a symbolic (but real) example of why the Bengals' always operate at a disadvantage - and in the proverbial "game of inches," the Bengals' run their ship about 50 yards short of everyone else, and their record proves that out.

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