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350 Members???

The Brew Man

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What ever happened to the Boobster? Was he the one that had the truffle with Jam31? Whatever happened to BengalBOBNC?

Yeah, those two former regulars have dropped off the map. I talked to Boobie via e-mail, and he just landed a new job and has been pretty busy...and yes, he's the one that did the verbal warfare with Jam31 over something I just didn't understand.

I really miss Bob's avatar. What was here name? She was hot!

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I think there are some "season only" posters that will find thier way back here come August.....

Yeah Brew man, you're probably right. They did seem to go into hibernation right after the Super Bowl. All I can say is this is gonna be one busy forum come kickoff time! :player:

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whoa, but how many are regular posters now thats the big question

I just checked on this and 139 members have posted in the last 30 days. 195 members have visited the boards in the last 30 days.

We also have a ton of guests visit the boards that just browse and don't register.

Things will pickup a lot once preseason hits.

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