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MLB Playoff Preview: Who's hot, who's not


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MLB Playoff Preview: Who's hot, who's not


Who likes baseball? We do, we do!

Who likes boobies? We do, we do!

Naturally, the only thing better than baseball or boobies is baseball and boobies combined. That's why we decided to saturate our Major League Baseball playoff predictions with fine ladies.

Every ballclub reminds us of a different chick. Thankfully for you, we're only talking about baseball's best, which means we've got nothing but hotties for you. No New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates or Toronto Blue Jays here.



The total package. Not too old, not too young. A bit of everything on the roster – phenomenal bullpen, toned legs, solid defense, beautiful smile, great baserunning skills, perky breasts. They’re also a deep squad, with bats like Reggie Willits and Juan Rivera used to coming off the bench and providing big hits. There’s too much talent on this team for the playoffs to be a brief fling. We get the feeling there’s more to Jessica Biel than her amazing bod – she looked smart wearing that blazer in Chuck and Larry – and we know there’s a hell of a lot more to the Angels than Vladdy’s bat.


BOSTON RED SOX: Angelina Jolie

Like Jolie, the Sox have the best roster on paper. Loaded bullpen, impressive starters, big-time hitters; loaded sexual energy, impressive lips, big-time rack. Still, both have limped around lately, with Boston blowing late-game leads and letting the Yankees back into the division race and Angelina struggling to keep her weight in triple digits and fighting with Brad Pitt. Each deserves respect and is arguably still the best in the business, but we can’t help but feel a complete meltdown is around the corner.



Year in and year out, they get it done. We keep looking for chinks in the armor, for wrinkles, but nothing seems to change. The Bronx Bombers mash the baseball like no one else, and Halle Berry is just as hot today as she was 10 years ago. But something has to give one of these years, right? The Yankees can’t lean on aging arms like Mussina, Pettitte and Rivera much longer, and one of these days that extra hot fudge sundae will go straight to Halle’s ass.


CLEVELAND INDIANS: Hayden Panettiere

Who knew they’d look so good so soon? The talent has always been there; Grady Sizemore, Victor Martinez and C.C. Sabbathia are bonafide stars – but we figured it would be a few more years before the Tribe really started turning heads. We also figured we’d need to wait a few more years before downloading hot Hayden Panettiere wallpaper for our desktops, but she, er, “developed” quicker than expected. Just like Fausto Carmona.


CHICAGO CUBS: Jennifer Aniston

Is this finally the year for America’s sweethearts? The Cubbies are baseball’s Jennifer Aniston. She’s the girl next door we all wanted to be with – hot but not in the same class as the Biels and Albas of the world. The Cubbies are the loveable team anyone would want to play for – they’re not weak in any area but aren’t the best in any either. As long as Aniston’s demented father – a.k.a. Lou Pinella – doesn’t get in the way, we could see some magic in the Windy City.



Brandon Webb is the man, but beyond that the D-Backs’ starting pitching is shallower than the latest Bachelor contestant. But hey, at least ’Zona can rely on its streaky bats, which hit .250 this year, second worst in the majors. Can you say overrated? People think Maria Sharapova is hot because she’s a high-profile athlete with little competition; put her on the street or next to some actual models and she’s average potatoes. Ditto for the D-Backs if you stuck them in the American League.



Though we can’t exactly quantify it, we find ourselves strangely attracted. On paper, neither is great, but each just seems to get it done. Colorado’s late, unexpected playoff push could even be likened to Jenna’s appearance in Blades of Glory: What? Colorado? Making a playoff run? With no pitching? What? Jenna Fischer? Wearing lingerie? With that body? Both were/are oddly appealing thoughts. And if Jenna and the lingerie worked out, why can’t a Rockies playoff run?



The similarities run much deeper than the alliterative names; though exciting and sexy, both are significantly flawed. The Phillies can slug with anyone, but with their disastrous pitching their postseason won’t last long. Don’t get us wrong – we love the Phils’ feel-good, comeback story, just like we’d love to party it up/have coked-out sex with Lindsay Lohan in a room with a mirrored ceiling. But c’mon, we’re talking about Philadelphia and Lindsay Lohan. Is there any way this thing ends well?

Just missed the cut (thanks to Matt Holliday's phoney home plate slide)...



Yawn. Yes, the Padres are a good baseball team. Yes, their pitching is dominant, from their starters, to their setup men, to stopper Trevor Hoffman. Yes, Anne Hattaway’s face is no catcher’s mit, and she’d probably do a great job organizing your bookshelves and DVD collection, but would it kill her to slip into a lacey teddy and nibble on our ear once in a while (or shoot a topless scene – we’re not picky)? Maybe the Padres could take a hint and hit some bombs for a change. Regardless, they’ll be tough to beat.


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