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Mark my words...


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The Bengals will turn it around... (what is there to turn around)

These type of games happen... It just happend to happen against the clowns... (Sh*t happens!)

We go play Seattle next week, they haven't looked good... Yes, they do have Shaun Alexerander.... But who else? A bald age'n QB? :P

Atleast we get the Pats at home during prime time... We seem to play well during those home night games... May not win them all, but we play well... (No cameras allowed during the game ya'll)

KC has looked HORRIBLE this year... Is it Green being gone? Or Edwards coachin? We will have to contend with LJ thou...

The Jets are WEAK.... They have a QB will all the heart in the world, but not an arm...

Then we get the lovely Pissburgh Cheaters...

We will be 6-2 by the time we got done with s**tsburgh...

Mark my words....

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We will be 6-2 by the time we got done with s**tsburgh...

Mark my words....

Damn, I thought I was the most optimistic guy on this board.

Consider your words marked!

Our crappy D didn't show up yesterday... If our crappy D showed up... We'd be 2-0... But instead out s**tty D showed up and thats what happens...

Its going to be a huge Offensive year for Palmer and Company.... If the D can learn to make a stop here and there and turn the ball over 2 times a week we win....

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With all due respect, Mr. 3203, given yesterday's absolute debacle, what do you think Brady, Moss, Stallworth and Welker might do to this alleged defense.

As long as there aren't any cameras on the sideline we should be in good shape to give up 35 points.... :P

Chuck will fix them by then... :rolleyes:

Marvin is STILL the king of the city, no matter what chad says/does....

We ran into a trap game... It happens... I can't wait for next sunday...

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At some point in time Marvin better man up and do something with this team. Yea yea hes gone 8-8 a couple times 11-5 another year and turned things around but at some point this team has to start becoming consitant in all aspects of the game. Players are at somepoint going to have to buy into Marvins program or somthing here. Every year we here the same thing about this def. and every year its the same crap. He always says its not the coaches its the players in the postion well maybe he should look at the players he has and realize they are not very good or very well coached then. This has to be the softest defense i have ever seen play and the worst coaching job i have ever seen. So if this defense dosnt turn it around i think its time to start lookin at some new coaches here that wanna win and coach this team up, and if Marvin dosnt see this it will be more 8-8 seasons. Can somebody tell me if the d-line or the whole Def ever showed up cause i sure didnt see them i wonder if any of the coaches every saw them, i hope this embarresment teaches them something that they are no good and they better pick it and be more physical and learn to be in the right place at the right time.

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I knew it might be ugly at times the first half of this season - said as much on here before - but not THAT ugly, geesh.

So, I'll stick with my preseason thoughts and hope for the best. The D will have a manhood check for next Sunday on the road in a tough game, we'll see how they do.

Losing to the Clowns like that is not a good sign though, not at all.

I would just say "bad games happen once in a while," but this is a consistent pattern with Marvin's teams and is too much like last season to just cast off as a fluke. Just tired of watching the same old crap. Losing is one thing, losing like that is an entirely different story.

Marvin can't seem to keep his guys motivated or focused consistently (see Tampa Bay last year, among others).

The Bengals' just aren't there yet - and I'm tired of waiting. The Mike Brown model has never, ever worked, and apparently never will until something major changes in the way they allocate money and view free agency and the draft every year. And yes, this defensive coaching staff should be cleaned out entirely - run a similar base defense but get rid of the schlep coaches for God's sakes.

I'm done for this week, thank God the Bearcats are playing some quality football, all the Bengals' do is let us all down every single season and it hasn't changed for 17 years in a row now. Why should I expect anything different?

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