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Who Covered 85?


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A fun little time waster!

Who Covered 85? You Decide.

Monday September 10, 5:51 pm ET

CINCINNATI, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Football superstar Chad Johnson is known for taking risks. This season he'll take another one by letting fans decide which way he checks his celebrated cornerback checklist. As part of a new interactive campaign powered by Degree Men, fans will have unprecedented access to "85," including the new fan-driven cornerback checklist, as well as personalized trash-talk messages, behind-the-scenes videos and interactive TV.


Johnson's cornerback checklist has received much fanfare in the last two seasons. This season, Johnson is taking a risk by letting fans decide which way he checks his checklist after each of his 16 regular season games. To give fans an extra incentive to vote each week, Degree Men is making an 8.5 cent donation to Feed the Children, an international non-profit hunger relief organization, for each vote made online at TrashTalk85.com. Johnson hopes to raise $85,000 for Feed the Children this season through the checklist.

"My checklist has always given me extra motivation," said Johnson. "But the opportunity to help needy kids around the world increases my drive. I had the unique opportunity to tour Kenya in the spring and it really opened my eyes. I hope the fans will get behind the checklist this season because Degree Men has made it so simple to help these kids."


Johnson is so confident that he'll eventually wind up in the end zone that he regularly calls out his opponents. This year Johnson is letting fans get in on the fun, and he's doing all the talking.

Fans can log onto TrashTalk85.com to create personalized trash talking messages from Chad that can be sent to a cell phone of their choice. Each message features customized names, favorite team, work, hobbies and home state. Fans can also take a page from "85" and taunt their fantasy football opponents throughout the season.


Johnson also plans to offer fans an all-access pass to his life off the football field through a series of online videos called the Risk Cam. The Risk Cam will feature unscripted videos produced by Johnson that showcase "85" in a series of situations throughout the season. The Risk Cam videos will be posted at TrashTalk85.com.

"Chad is the league's consummate risk taker and we're proud to partner with him again this season," said Sam Chadha, marketing director, deodorants, Unilever. "Degree Men always protects men like Chad who take calculated risks -- and we're excited to give fans exclusive content they want around one of football's most popular superstars."

The campaign also marks the first time that a cause-related initiative will reach interactive TV viewers. Chad's channel will deliver remote control access to all elements of the campaign; interactive TV viewers can cast votes on Chad's checklist that will raise donations for "Feed the Children", watch Risk Cam videos and preview personalized trash-talk messages from Chad. The channel will be supported by :15-second spots and run across both Dish Network and DirecTV, reaching approximately 25MM interactive TV homes. BrightLine iTV Marketing Specialists designed the interactive TV components of the campaign.

Visit http://www.TrashTalk85.com for exclusive content including Chad's virtual checklist, trash-talking messages and the Risk Cam videos

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Did anyone see Rod Woodson's interview with Ray-Ray? (Link: Lewis Unplugged ) They have an isolated camera on Ocho Cinco cutting across the middle and getting flattened by Ray Lewis, followed by CJ's explanation to an assistant coach on what happened - hysterical !!!

NOTE: Repeated in other topic.

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I sent one to myself too ^_^

I got two phone calls from Chad Johnson very early this A.M. trash talking me outta bed! What a beautiful morning! One from a Giants fan getting me back for the one I sent him!

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