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Yeah Great Doug's Gone!


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Don't get me wrong I'm as happy as anyone that Doug Johnson is gone and more than happy that we got a great backup in Ryan Fitzpatrick, I remember when he first got playing time as a rookie and lit it up, I honestly thought he was the new Kurt Warner, or Marc Bulger, to me he looks exactly like Marc Bulger release wise. The only thing I'm mad about is all that playing time Doug got and all the time Jeff Rowe could've had, it just shows me that when us fans dislike a player and all of us that were wondering why Doug was getting so much time and Rowe barely got any reps the first three preseason games, that our coaching staff always acts like they have a plan for everything when clearly they f#@ked this one up! All that time Doug got over Rowe is a big waste of time now!

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How about my main man DeDe Dorsey got released, even though Q. Wiilson looks like a faster Rudi.

IMHO Quincy Wilson really stepped up his performance during this training camp. I think he felt the pressure of the competition at the RB position, and did something about it.

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All that time Doug got over Rowe is a big waste of time now!

I think they thought, here's a guy who sucks but he's started NFL games, best backup we have, surely with some damned reps he'll lose the rust. Nope. So then there they were, screwed.

I imagine they came to the same conclusion I did a while back - namely, if Carson goes down we're f*cked. So why keep Dougie? On the other hand, they might be able to fast-track Fitz into a possible stop-gap, hope they don't need him in the first few weeks, and have him ready to go should the unthinkable happen later.

Personally, I'd just go with 1 QB on the roster.

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Giving Rowe more preseason snaps wasn't going to significantly improve his chances of doing anything were some disaster to happen and his services required. A couple more quarters worth of pretend game play wasn't going to turn him into a "real" NFL QB, or even a "real" backup NFL QB.

As for Dougie, he looked fine last year...and went completely to crap this preseason. I don't know whether his skills vanished or he just didn't take the preseason seriously, but I can't blame the Bengals for dumping him. I wish they'd dumped him and gotten a more experienced guy than Fitz, and I wish they'd done it a couple weeks ago, but that's all water under the dam now.

If something happened to Carson, the way Dougie was going we were screwed anyhow...so if we are still screwed now, at least nothing has gotten worse.

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