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On the road with the Pittsburgh Steelers

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This is unbelievable! (and likely at some point to end up in the smack forum... :rolleyes: ) Aside from the intro here, the full 17 pages are in PDF form at The Smoking Gun.

Are You Ready For Some Bed Check?

From chapel to chicken, on the road with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Touring rock stars and politicians alike could learn a few things from the Pittsburgh Steelers. When the football team hits the road, hotel personnel are presented with a 17-page document outlining the NFL squad's demands, from chapel services to chicken wings. A copy of the team's 2007 "hotel requirements" rider can be found below. Steelers brass stipulate that players are not permitted to have booze in their rooms, so the rider asks, "please do not stock the mini-bar with alcohol." Additionally, "Room service is not permitted to deliver alcohol to players' rooms." Apparently, if quarterback Ben Roethlisberger wants to imbibe, he'll have to do it at the local strip club. However, he'll need to be back in his room before curfew, which will be accomplished with the assistance of hotel security, who "will need a MASTER KEY to open rooms for bed check." After 11 PM, players are not permitted to receive phone calls in their rooms, though they can continue to dial out. On the food front, the Steelers require lots and lots of it, from night of arrival "snacks" to a pre-game meal. And the ketchup on banquet tables "MUST BE HEINZ," due to the Steelers's affiliation with the Pittsburgh-based company (the team plays its home games in Heinz Field). While the hotel rider does not contain any brown M&M demands, the bedroom of team owner Dan Rooney "must have foam rubber pillows."

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