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Gallo's Camp Report

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:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:


Heres the AFC North...

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: Tensions developed in camp between head coach Brian Billick and his offensive playcaller, whom Billick called "a smug, unlikable #$@&" … God's Linebacker has lost a step and could leave God's Defense vulnerable to quick-strike offenses.

Cincinnati Bengals: Cincinnati's defensive line will be harder to penetrate this season as all of them are shackled together … Carson Palmer wowed teammates on the first day of camp by suppressing his gag reflex long enough to swallow an end-zone pylon whole … The Bengals have cut down on their off-field transgressions by robbing officials, staff members and fans while still on the field.

Cleveland Browns It took three hours to take Cleveland's team photo in order to get one shot in which Brady Quinn wasn't doing anything that would get him made fun of all over the Internet … Head coach Romeo Crennel says he plans to flip a coin again later this season to decide whether to accept his firing or simply submit his resignation.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Kicker Jeff Reed has been unable to convince coaches that he would kick a lot better if he was shirtless and had a few drinks in him … Sources say quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has not been run over by a New Yorker in a Chrysler in more than a year … New head coach Mike Tomlin has punished players who show up late to meetings or practices by making them share a laundry basket with running back Najeh Davenport.

I loved the Jax report, tho...

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars practiced without pads Thursday, except for running back Fred Taylor, who was dressed in medieval battle armor and then placed inside a protective bubble filled with styrofoam packing peanuts … Unfortunately, the bubble rolled into Byron Leftwich and broke his leg … Taylor accidentally inhaled one of the packing peanuts and was unable to be resuscitated … Most fans at Jaguars camp said they would much rather be at a Florida Gators practice.
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The one on 'Frisco was good:

San Francisco 49ers: Head coach Mike Nolan will wear a suit at games this season, but roamed the sidelines at training camp in nothing but a smoking jacket and slippers …


St. Louis Rams: Sources tell me that quarterback Marc Bulger is the godfather of a West Virginia alumni crime syndicate and that Pacman Jones and Chris Henry are merely low-level foot soldiers …


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