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so who's left?

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Ok , for what we need,.. Here's some light at the end of the friggin dark , wet scary ass tunnell Marvin and Mikey or whoever is to blame left us in...

1.Chad Lavalais

2. Isaac Sopoaga

3.Will Poole, - yeah we got Ratliff, but Tory James is up there.

4. Kelly Butler - OT- great size, and feet, could have been a late 1

5. Nat Dorsey - OT - same thing, he fell and that's a good thing

6. P.K.Sam- Speedy Wr, with Good hands. I like him

7. Nick leckey C- best available

8. Alex Stepanovich - Same thing ©

9. Carlos Joseph - G/T- Huge, should be a Bengal

10. Stacy Andrews - G/T- same thing..

11. Jason Shivers - S - Gets rid of Kaesviharn

12. Isaac Hilton - Speedy DE, 4.58 '40 6-3 270 .. Great Value to get him in 4th round.. And could challenge Clemons this year.

13. Rodney Leslie - One of the better DT's..

14. Dave Ball - he's slow, but he's productive.

15. Nathan Vasher - another Ratliff /Deltha O'Neal clone

16. Shaun Phillips - probably better suited to play OLB

17. Richard Sieglar - one of the better ILB- rated higher than miller

18. Jacob Bell - Very good guard

19. Etric Pruitt - Good safety..

20. Greg Brooks - solid speedy corner..

21. Jordan Carstens - Underrated DT, an athletic Glen Steele.

22. Shannon Snell - OG - Huge, good run blocker,

23. Demorrio Williams - Why we passed on him for Johnson ??

24. Roderick Green - OLB - can play DE too..

25. Rod Davis - Very very good MLB..

That's my list.. 3 fourth round picks better come from here !!

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