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the QB trade

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The Giants got raped and their fans knew it right away. The draft, attended by a huge NYG contingent, erupted in terror when the trade was announced. Of course, it was announced, initially, as a 3rd round this year and a 1st and 3rd next year for the Chargers - when actually was a 1st and 5th next year. Still, Manning probably is not even the BEST QB in the draft and the Giants mortgaged "the house" for him. Although it is what Eli wanted, the trade will hurt his future because it will not allow the Giants to build around him....this year or next! Giants got raped...but they chose it themselves....and as they say...."You can't rape the willing"!

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i agree that it was a bad trade...a first next year? come on now! but i disagree that he wasnt the best qb in the draft...rivers is gonna suck and so will rothlesburgerblahblah hes a steeler, hes bound to fail! :P

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