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Official Draft Contest

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Ok , in a little while, This post will be "pinned" making it the official "guess" :lol: for bragging Rights to see who can correctly guess who the Cincinnati Bengals will take a day from now.

-- Considering that we are BENGALSZONE.COM , I expect it's members to be the most accurate of all internet web pages.

Rules: You must make a selection for Cincinnati' for all 10 draft picks.

They are as follows.

# 24 round 1.

# 49 & 56 round 2.

# 80 & 96 round 3.

# 114 & 117 round 4.

# 149 round 5.

# 183 round 6.

and # 218 round 7.

-------------- :player: My official list :player: ----------------------------

# 24. - Antwan Odom De, Alabama

# 49. - Jake Grove C, Virginia Tech.

# 56. - Sean Jones S, Georgia

# 80. - Keiwan Ratliff Cb, Florida

# 96. - Chad Lavalais Dt, L.S.U.

# 114. - Courtney Watson Lb, Notre Dame

# 117. - Michael Turner Rb, Nothern Illinois

# 149. - Shannon Snell G, Florida

# 183. - Tim Euhus Te, Oregon State

# 218. - Rod Rutherford Qb, Pittsburgh.

Good luck to all that participate ! :D

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Damn fine pick!

I'm sticking these picks out.

#24 Darnell Dockett DT Florida State

#49 Dwan Edwards DT Oregon State

#56 Marquise Hill DE LSU

#80 Richard Colclough CB Tusculum

#96 Rod Davis LB Southern Miss

#114 Max Starks T Florida

#117 Michael Turner RB Northern Illiinois

#144 Rex Hadnot C Houston

#177 Josh Buhl SS Kansas State

#208 Greg Golden CB NC State

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#24 Darnell Dockett - DT - Florida State

#49 Matt Ware - CB - UCLA

#56 Bob Sanders - SS - Iowa

#80 Demorrio Williams - OLB

#96 Travis Laboy - DE - Hawaii

#114 Alex Stephanovich - C - Ohio State

#117 Mewelde Moore - RB - Tulane

#144 Jared Lorenzen - QB - Kentucky

#177 Curtis Deloatch - CB - North Carolina A&T

#208 Khiawatha Downey - G - Indiana

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um...i havent done research like u guys OBVIOUSLY =)

But my picks are:

1. Chris Gamble CB

2a. Jake Grove C

2b. Donnell Washington DT

3a. Chris Snee G

3b. Quincy Wilson RB

4a. Dave Ball DE

4b. Madieu Williams S

5. John Nevarre QB

6. Corey Williams DT

7. Derrick Pope OLB

Man that was difficult...i honestly have no friggin clue and if i get more right than any of you im clownin!!! :D

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This is so hard that I am going t wuss out and place offense or defense as some of my choices.

1. Defense, probably a linebacker

2a. Jake Grove, C maybe a good pick or are we reaching for dave rimington?

2b. one of the cornerbacks everyone UNDERESTIMATES.

3a. Ben Hartsock, TE, A tight end is a good idea

3b. Defense, a big underrated fattie.

4a. More defense or a running back

4b. running back/full back

5. small school corner back

6. QB from KY or Pitt

7. brian king safety, wv


we'll find out tommorrow. <_<

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1 - Chris Gamble, CB, OSU (I'm not absolutely crazy about Gamble, but for our position I think it makes sense.... He needs few years to totally develop and that’s when Tory James will be falling off of his game... I wouldn't mind Tubbs and I really wanted Wilfolk)

2A - Jake Peavy, C, Va. Tech (to me, this would be a steal and a big key to our draft if we get this lucky - Braham's replacement and maybe now)

2B - Michael Boulware, OLB, FSU (He's small, but has smarts and get to the quarterback - a perfect Marvin fit)

3A - Junior Savii, DT, Oregon (320 pd. late-blooming run-stuffer, probably won't be here at this point, but we can hope)

4A - Cedric Cobbs, RB, Arkansas (we get lucky if he is still there, he plays much faster than he runs when timed, has great field vision and he knows where to make his cut - may fall to us here due to character issues- but so did Dillion)

4B - Jeb Terry, OG, North Carolina (not the most gifted athlete, but physical as hell, which you must love in an OG - adds depth in an area where it is very needed)

5 - Cody Spencer, MLB, North Texas (this dude loves to hit, on a defense where everyone talked about DT Brandon Kennedy, Cody made all the tackles - makes a lot of sense here and adds depth where we need it)

6 - Derek Abney, WR, Kentucky (A special teams ace - set SEC and NCAA records as a return man!! Ok, so I was born in Lexington - at least I enjoy basketball season - but Abney instantly becomes our main return man for both punts and KO returns... He is only 5-9, but doesn't fumble, hits the hole now and has serious speed, not to mention how great he is on defensive special teams, what a coverage combo w/ T. Roberts and R. Myles we would have)

7- Kyle Larson, P, Nebraska (Kyle Richardson was not exactly stellar, Larson is the best of weak P class, but is an upgrade)

No safety picked, but I don't see a fit for S, unless we get one by the 3rd round - Eric Coleman from Washington State is a possibility in the 6th or 7th)

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And so...after the first day of the 2004 NFL draft...I think it's crystal clear that none of us have a friggin' clue! :lol:;)

(Either that, or the Bengals don't have a clue... :huh: ...which is too horrible a possibility to contemplate!)

Props to Chrish & Jungle Fever, the only two guys to name a player the Bengals actually took on day 1 (Ratliff and Perry, respectively). What do we have for our winners, Johnny? Oh, well, Joisey, today's winners will receive a case of Lee Press-On Nails and a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni: The San Francisco Treat!

Special mention today goes out to...well, me! Yes, me, whose "just for s*its and giggles let's go all-offense on day 1" mock was at least correct in being the only one to predict that the Bengals would go offense in round one and would not address the defensive line AT ALL on the first day!

Now, let's just hope the Bengals weren't just drafting for s*its and giggles, too! :player:

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And so...after the first day of the 2004 NFL draft...I think it's crystal clear that none of us have a friggin' clue

Ya know what Joisey...I got that feeling when I was trying to put together my mock draft. I absolutely could not begin to list anything I had confidence in. And now... after the first day has gone down...you'll NEVER see me waste my time in this fashion again. :wacko:

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Well congrats to Chris and Jungle Fever for each correctly picking one person from the draft. Chris picked Keiwan Ratliff and Johnny...er...Jungle Fever picked Chris Perry.

I'm glad I didn't produce a list because it's quite evident I have no clue in these matters. Hell, if anyone would have picked three or more correctly, I would have them picking my powerball lottery numbers for me on a weekly basis! :lol:

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And after the final Bengals pick, it appears the winner is Jungle Fever, who correctly called 2 of our 11 picks, Perry and Williams. Chrish and jditty tie for second with one each (Ratliff and Williams).

Congrats, fever! Check in with espn, maybe Mel could use an assistant! ;)

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