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Brooks versus 2007 Draft (linebackers)


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Brooks is a physical freak type. Guys like that go in the first round. Look at Antonio Cromartie last year. Injury problems, limited experience, but an absolute freak of an athlete. 1st round pick.

The character concerns may have made him drop more than his talent suggests... but he stayed out of trouble for a full year before the Bengals used a pick on him. My guess is that he would have been a 1st round pick easy.

Maybe not the #1 LB in this draft, but he would probably be the best athlete at the LB position... and sometimes NFL teams look for that more than anything else. This of course is completely opinion based though. I just am basing my opinion on what I usually see... physical freaks tend to make teams look past minor character issues.

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He really did look lost in coverage but it was a product of sitting out 1 year then coming in so late last year. I really liked what I saw in terms of pursuit and going after the RB. He struggled getting off blocks like any young LB (and most of our current defenders regardless of experience).

To get an idea of where he could've gone he had PLENTY of Ray Lewis/Brian Urlacher comparisons thrown out there going into his Jr. season but unfortunately (or fortunately for us) the injuries and off field stuff came back to get him his Jr. year.

If he had stayed remotely healthy and not had the off field problems we wouldn't have had any chance at him.

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