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Kris Jenkin's available


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only 27 and 1 yr removed from injuries...might be worth a 4th round pick, so we can use 1st & 2nd on CB/S/LB/DE or maybe they take a conditional pick since we have extra in 2008

The report by Pat Yasinkas of the Charlotte Observer, noting that the Carolina Panthers would unload three-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Kris Jenkins for the right price, was a little surprising, but not overly so. Because of his reluctance to participate in the offseason training program, the six-year veteran has been a challenge for the Carolina staff.

His weight is a perennial problem and Jenkins, 27, missed nearly all of 2004 and 2005 with shoulder and knee injuries. That he was named to the Pro Bowl squad in 2006 was more than a mild surprise, since the Panthers' staff didn't feel he played that well. Carolina made a big investment last spring to sign unrestricted free-agent Maake Kemoeatu, and he's essentially the same type of player, a closed-area run-stuffer, that Jenkins is.

And the Panthers have solid depth at tackle, with young veterans such as Damione Lewis and Jordan Carstens. Sometimes a team just runs out of patience with a guy and decides that, if the offer is right, it will move him. It appears the Panthers have reached that point with Jenkins, who only a few years ago was regarded by many as the league's most dominant inside force.

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ABSOLUTLEY NOT@!!!!!!!!! We have John Thornton, the greatest DT in the world(first ballot hall of famer). It would be stupid for us to get him because he will make our team worse. Why overpay him when we can overpay good players like John Thornton and Bryan Robinson!?!?

There's a huge difference between paying a guy like Thornton as much as the Bengals do, and robbing Fort Knox to bring in Kris Jenkins.

He's an excellent player, but given his recent injury problems and the certainty that he'd cost more than is reasonable... pass.

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I'd love for the Bengals to get KJ but everyone should know by now that Mike dosen't want anybody good on our defense. Just offense.

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