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Bengals Only 7 rd. Mock


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Only O player I really want day 1 would be Khalil if he made in to rnd 2.

1. Aaron Ross- CB Texas

-Decent but I'd take Hall,houston and revis first.

2. Manuel Ramirez- G Texas Tech

-I like manuel would be stud RG but no offense day 1 i'd perfer.

4. Quincy Black- OLB New Mexico

-If he falls steal

5. Kareem Brown- DT Miami


6. Courtney Brown- CB Cal Poly

7. Melivin Bullitt- SS Texas A&M

7. Jeff Rowe- QB Nevada

yay a wolfpack player.

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OK, after some thought I would like to revise some of my picks. Here is the new can't miss list:

18. Griffin S -hard hitting safety, who is also good in coverage.

49. Durant LB -fast, aggressive, adds depth at WLB.

114. C. Brown CB -physically gifted corner that can develop behind the current starters.

151. K. Brown DT -disruptive, penetrating style of tackle we've been looking for.

187. D. Fry C -crazy strong center who excels in the running game, can also b/u at guard.

230. D. Coats TE -great blocker, solid reciever in short area, team leader.

253. M. Henderson OT - good size, nimble feet, developmental b/u tackle.

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Dustin Fry would start at center if the Bengals picked him but I doubt he's still around in the 6th.

I like Dan Coates a lot. In BYU games, they relied on him for blocking a lot more than Jonny Harline but Coates still showed well as a short area receiver with some surprising vertical ability. He'd stick if the Bengals drafted him.

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