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David Carr CUT

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HOUSTON -- The Houston Texans waived quarterback David Carr, the first draft pick in franchise history five years ago.

The Texans never have had a winning record, and Carr often was the scapegoat. He completed 60 percent of his passes but also threw 65 interceptions and was sacked 249 times in five seasons.


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Incredible for a QB that was never afforded ANY protection.

People were saying the same thing about Akili Smith and Tim Couch when they got released, oh they didn't have a chance on such bad teams no protection. Believe me those NFL personnel can identify if a guy has it or not by actually seeing him everyday at practice and in games. Two touchdowns in the last Ten games that's horrible, I would have cut his butt too.

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I am of the same mindset that Carr isn't as bad as it appears. He has an arm, and get can outside the pocket. Maybe his accuracy has a bit to be desired, but you have to admit that the Houston O-line has been and still is the most pathetic excuse for an O-line there is !!! I doubt many others would have fared much better behind that line. Seriously, it's hard to complete passes and score when you are either on the run or on your a$$ !!! I hope he gets the chance Harrington got, because I think he's a better QB, but whatever...


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