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We are staying out of jail!!!!!!!!&#33


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Yippee!!! No arrests! We've passed the criminal part of this organization! On to greener pastures. No way they get arrested now! It's over! No more bad guy Bengals! The end has come and we've moved beyond! It's over! It's over! No more arrests are even possible at this point. What else could possibly happen? NOTHING! It's not possible ... it's OOOOOOOOOOOO-VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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Now we just have to avoid signing PacMan after his ass is cut by the Titans.

Is there anyone on this Board who does NOT believe this guy will be dead by age 30?

Look at a guy like Odell and think about everything he has on the line this year. If he can get his act together the guy could have a Pro Bowl career and make $40mm over the next ten years. If he screws up again, he probably ends up broke and strung out on crack. If he is lucky he becomes a roommate of Stanley Wilson.

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yep lol. it went something like...its been 3 weeks since the season and no arrests yet!!!! congrats to all bengals and fans!!!! the very next day joseph got arrested lolol. so funny.

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