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schroomytunes 7 round mock draft


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Well why not here is my 7 round mock draft:

rd 1: We trade down in the first round and gain a 3rd rounder, and select-

Marcus Macauley(CB) Fresno State 6'0 190

----he pushes to start against Deltha O neill

rd 2: Quincey Black(OLB) 6'3 232

---he can play opposite LJ and replaces Brian Simmons

rd 3: Tanard Jackson(CB) Syracuse 6'1 195

----he may force us to release O'Neill and he becomes the nickle back, and allows us to move Keiwan Ratliff to a safety position.

rd 4: Mike Otto(OT) 6'5 305 Purdue

----he replaces Eric Steinbach and provides young depth on the OLine. He was a solid starter at Purdue

rd 5: Brandon Archer(OLB) 6'2 225 Kansas State

----gives us excellant LB depth and replaces Marcus Wilkins on special teams at the onset, may force us to release Andre Frazier

rd 6: Ken Scott(DT) 6'2 325 Texas Tech

---replaces Shaun Smith on the d-line and allows us to rotate a solid front, and becomes someone's replacement in 2008(Adams,JT,Fanene)

rd 7: Dan Coats(TE) 6'3 265 BYU

---second TE on the BYU team behind Johnny Harline still caught 22 passes for a 10 yard average, may be a product of the BYU offense, but he becomes a solid backup TE behind R.Kelly.

Many may not like this draft, but I at least can point out that:

1-we get better and younger in the secondary.

2-we have solidified the LB's and helped stabilize special teams

3-we got 2 youngsters on the OLine to groom

4-we added depth to the defensive front

----I wanted to focus on the defensive flaws as much as possible in this draft, and still be able to add depth at some key offensive positions of need.

NOTE- I didn't draft a QB cause we have the room to sign one later, or use an UDFA to fill the 3rd string spot. Either way Carson is the man!!!!

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We don't have a third rounder as of now, but if we pick up one through compensation, I would love Tanard Jackson, but realistically, if we wanted to get him it would probably be in round 2.

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Were it not for his struggles as a senior, McCauley would be my favorite corner prospect. He has all the athletic measurables Houston has, and isn't short. I can't help but be iffy about him though.

I like the Otto pick a lot, though I'd disagree with the prediction that he'd be Steinbach's replacement.

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With all of the losses through FA I completely agree that the Bengals should look long and hard at trading down or out of the first round to pick up more draft picks. I like your mock for the most part, the only position I would swap would be the TE for a safety. I think at some point we are going to need some more depth there.

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