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Should We Deal the Dancing Bear?


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With the kind of coin that even guards are getting now, it occurs to me that it may be tough to keep Stacy Andrews beyond '07.

He's sitting out there as an RFA with the second-round compensation offer ($1.3m). I don't see a lot of incentive for him to sign a "reasonable" long term deal here (as a backup G/T, his chances of suffering some bad injury have to be considered slight). And as a UFA next season I have to think it would take something on the order of several million/year average to keep him...and the Bengals don't seem inclined to spend more on the o-line.

Finally, if he was supposed to be the heir to any position on the right side, well, we just extended Willie and Bobbie. Obviously we need the depth, but if he goes UFA in '08 I think he's likely gone in this market. Plus we free up $1.3m in cap space for this year.

Seattle is hot for linemen (tho more on the left side), maybe they could be induced to cough up a third?

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Yeah its kind of tough for him, but the guy came into the league with virtually no snaps so he should be happy no matter how it works. I don't see him signing a LT either unless someone goes down with a bad injury. If he's worth 1.3 million now with very little starting time, imagine what he'd be worth next year with it?

Hey whats with the campaign slogan for Barak Hussein Obama? Where did the gurrrls go?

No we need him for more Bengals rap videos
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