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Tony Stewart re-signed


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On Friday, the Bengals signed tight end Tony Stewart, one of the team’s restricted free agents, to a two-year contract. Stewart is a fourth-year player who played in every Bengals game last season with seven starts and 21 receptions for 212 yards. He joined the Bengals in November of 2002 as a signee from the Eagles practice squad.

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Would taking a TE on day one now not be an option ? It certainly is an area that needs improving - either ML believes Stewart & Schobel will deliver the goods this season hence they're in or he takes a draft pick and someone gets cut. Interesting .........

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This will be Shobels' third year. I hope the coaching staff can push him to his limits this year, because I'm tired of his "winky-dinky" injuries that hobble him for 5-6 games only for him to return and play really well then dissappear again.

* The better shape he's in, I'm sure he'll produce, so somebody buy him a " Total Gym " so he can stay on the field for 16 games

--because Stewart is an overhyped - special teams player. and Reggie Kelly ( drafted by the Falcons in '99- in exchange for their 2000 1st round pick to the Ravens ) - for all intensive purposes is a draft bust !

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