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Alright forget about last night


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I felt that the Bengals would have to go 2-1 in the final 3. They are 0-1, but if they had to lose one this was the one. Looking ahead to Denver how do you guys see it going? I iknew Manning would have a big game, and I just can't see Cutler doing that. I don't get how 2 probowlers and a Superbowl MVP are last in pass defense. This is going to be a stressfule Christmas eve. When was the last time Cincy won at Denver?

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When was the last time Cincy won at Denver?

1975. Final score was 17-16. Bengals are 0-7 in Denver since.

It will be a challenge not to have that tick over to 0-8. Denver's defense is much better than the Colts', and if the o-line does not stiffen up considerably in the next six days, Carson will get killed. Willie now swears he will play, even if they have to pump him full of painkillers, and you have to hope Levi finally gets back, all of which will help.

I hve not been impressed with the offense under Cutler, but the kid does have an arm and he isn't afraid to use it.

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Alright forget about last night.

Already did. With such a forgetable performance, it was really pretty easy. I've let it go, and begun looking forward to the Denver game. ;)

I agree but we are fighting for our play off lives here people where is your hopes?If we hope maybe it might do better oh well alright maybe not but still...

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