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Braham practicing again?


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from: http://www.bengals.com/news/news.asp?story_id=5662

Braham starts on-field work


November 8, 2006

Posted: 1 p.m.

Center Rich Braham returns to on-field work Wednesday for the first time since he injured his knee in the second game of the season, but he won’t practice and he’s already been ruled out for Sunday’s game against San Diego.

Yet it indicates he’s a couple of weeks away. Strong safety Kevin Kaesviharn (knee) has been downgraded to doubtful and right tackle Willie Anderson (shoulder) and cornerback Tory James (knee) upgraded to probable.

Also Wednesday the Bengals signed to the practice squad one of the last 2005 training camp cuts, speedy Michigan cornerback Brandon Williams.

Wide receiver Chad Johnson chose not to talk to the media Wednesday "because I suck," his postgame mantra from Baltimore last Sunday.

At his Wednesday news conference, Bengals head coach Marvin Lerwis talked about how he wished players wouldn't vent in response to postgame questions but he said he can understand the frustration.

"I'm more frustrated than all of them," Lewis said. "Chad's frustrated. We're going to help Chad out as much as we can. That's my job."

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Lol @ Chad, from one extreme to the other. But I prefer the quite/confident Chad of 2-3 years ago that was all about doing whatever it takes to be great, and not talking about how great he is all the time.

It's going on 4pm here, and the Bengals' have been out on the field since I walked in this morning. Longest I've ever seen them practice here in one day, the last 2+ years. The whole team isn't out there now, but a few are out running routes it looks like at this point. But wow, it was a looong day for them. :)

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Wilkerson was signed to a new 4-year contract for exactly the same reasons he was signed to his original contract. Simply put, he's an outstanding prospect who is worth the risk in part because Braham is nearing the end of his career. When that day comes is anyones guess, but the Bengals are well served to explore all of their options whether Braham returns this season or next.

That said, hurry back Buckethead. You've been missed more than most of us thought possible.

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