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Tuesday Power Rankings


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Skyline is such a hater :P

Chargers? they loss to the chiefs who we beat :P

eagles? they loss too the bucs too :P diden't have total BS causes behind it.

rams I don't mind cause I think their good and win the division this year.

Fair enough, Skyline.

I'd have Arizona 32nd now.

You may be right after what we saw last week.

Still, there's so much talent on that team, it's hard to believe that they're REALLY worse than the Raiders. Surely they'll come around...

Then again, maybe not.

fitz was out :P so mybe thats why they loss heh.. cardinals have a ton of talent but can use it when their O line sucks so bad.

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Did anyone else notice that our schedule includes games against ALL of the top ten teams except da Bears (#1) and da G'ants (#6)? We'll have LOTS of chances to move up 'n' down!

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I didn't see these mentioned. I think the rankings of the Falcons and Bengals are very telling of how people tend to judge football teams. Unless you have a reputation for having a dominating defense (Ravens, Bears), you are judged primarily on how sexy your offense looked the previous week.

He mentions Mike Vick's best game of his career, but says nothing about them giving up 38 points at home.

Meanwhile, he says the Bengals don't appear to be clicking, but our defense held the Panthers to 14 points and only 270 yards against a team that scored 23 and racked up over 400 yards on the dominant Ravens defense the previous week?

We are what we are... and we've created our own reputation, so when the Bengals have to win with the defense, it causes a lot of eyebrow raising. I get it... and hey, that's kind of how we tend to look at it too. But the Falcons beat a team with only 2 wins, and we beat a good Panthers team on a 4 game win-streak... and somehow they pass us. Why? Because 41-38 is simply more entertaining than 17-14.

Oh well. We'll pass them this week after we get our offense in gear against their leaky pass defense.

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From the stat freaks at footballoutsiders.com, via foxsports ("they play, we decide?" :lol: )...


The mid-pack ranking seems about right to me -- 13 officially, 16 2006 only, 14 unadjusted. No matter how you break down the numbers the Bengals are an average team, maybe a touch above, right now. Notably, the Falcons are ranked roughly the same. Should be a dogfight next Sunday.

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