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Bengals/Chargers game


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I would not be surprised if the Bengals/Chargers game on Sunday November 12th is the first game to fall victim to the NFL's new 'flex scheduling'. For those unfamiliar with this, as part of their deal struck with NBC the NFL has the right to move games pitting possible playoff teams from their early time slot (1pm or 4pm) and put them on Sunday Night Football. Week #10 is the first week the NFL can do this and they have to give at least a 12 day warning that they are going to move the game. If you look at the schedules you will notice they do not have any SNF games listed for the last part of the year, as way of comparision MNF can not move a game off Sunday to put on Monday night. The NFL also holds the power to move games from 1pm to 4pm throughout that part of the season, something they have been doing for a number of years now, to give those games more national coverage.

In looking ahead at the schedule, the only other matchups I see that could create as much of a stir as the Bengals/Chargers game are the Bears/Giants, New Orleans/Pitt. and St. Louis/Seattle. I would one be in favor of this since it would give the Bengals another prime time game and since I am traveling down from Chicago for the game, could actually sleep in and travel later!

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its the only one i think that the bengals have a chance at getting moved.

If the Saints keep playing well, we might get moved in week 11. They are already media darlings, and everyone likes to watch Reggie Bush, so really.. the question is can we play well enough to make this a matchup worthy of getting moved.

I also forsee the Bengals/Steelers game having a lot on the line and being a big candidate for the late game. Time will tell. There's a lot of football to be played between now and then.

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If a 5 win Bengals team and a 6 or 7 win Chagers team is playing that game, I bet NBC picks it up.

Well, all moves have to be announced NO LATER THAN 12 days prior...


So we should know about the SD vs CIN by Halloween, if not sooner.


Something to keep in mind, though, is that each network can protect 5 total games over the 7 possible weeks (10-15 and 16) but no more than 1 per week. In looking at week 10, this looks to be the only game that CBS would find worth protecting. :( Although Dever vs Oakland looks pretty tasty too. :o (NO vs Pitt is on Fox so NBC could get worked.)

CBS Week 10:

Cleveland @ Atlanta

San Diego @ Cincinnati

Buffalo @ Indianapolis

Houston @ Jacksonville

Kansas City @ Miami

Baltimore @ Tennessee

N.Y. Jets @ New England

Denver @ Oakland

Fox Week 10:

San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

New Orleans Saints at Pittsburgh Steelers

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

Chicago Bears at New York Giants

Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals

St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

So which ones would you protect?

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Looking at the full week 10 schedule, I would bet on one of the Fox games being picked up by NBC (NO vs Pitt, Bears vs Giants, or Rams vs Seahawks)

Each network can protect one game per week and I would bet that CBS will protect the SD vs Cin game, since this is the ONLY worthwhile game on CBS this week. (Unless Cin tanks between now and then, of course.)

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Insert a Jim Rome ehhh! Thanks for playing!


Bears-Giants is first flex game

Under new format, NBC takes over game from FOX

Posted: Tuesday October 24, 2006 3:01PM; Updated: Tuesday October 24, 2006 3:01PM

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Chicago Bears' game against the New York Giants at the Meadowlands on Nov. 12 was switched Tuesday by the NFL from an afternoon to a night game, the first under the flexible scheduling format implemented in the new television contract.

The 8:30 p.m. EST game will be televised by NBC instead of Fox. Under the format, the Sunday night time slot had been left vacant, with CBS and Fox each allowed to protect five afternoon games over seven weeks of the season. Each has chosen four and will pick one more.

Chicago (6-0) is one of two unbeaten teams in the NFL and will be favored to be 8-0 when it goes to Giants Stadium. The Bears' next two games are at home against San Francisco (2-4) and Miami (1-6).

The Giants (4-2) have won three straight, including Monday night's 36-22 win in Dallas, and lead the NFC East. Their next two games are at home against Tampa Bay and Houston, both 2-4.

As part of the schedule shuffle, New Orleans' game at Pittsburgh will be moved from a 1 p.m. EST start to 4:15 on Fox.

Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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Bears - Giants would have been my pick - not only competitive and compelling, but the two largest NFL media markets. Sometimes the talking heads DO get it right!

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Shocked Fox didn't protect that one...

Yeah, I was too, I mean, how do you NOT protect that game? Unbeaten vs Top NFC East Opponent?

But THIS might explain it:

"However, Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC sports, said during a conference call Tuesday that the NFL had reserved one game during for each of the seven weeks that could not be protected by the other two networks. League officials indicated that the Bears-Giants game was the one for the week of Nov. 12.

"The game was never formally announced," Ebersol said. "It couldn't be protected by the other networks. That's never been announced and the NFL asked us never to confirm what those games are. I will say that it's comforting some weeks to know there's a game, no matter what, if we want it, it's ours." "


So, some of the reality of the situation comes out.

There are some KEY games that the NFL has told FOX and CBS that cannot be protected, well, well, well, isn't that interesting. Kinda makes the protection system pointless, doesn't it?

Pitt vs Cincy on Dec 31st?

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