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New OL Strategy


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While having Steinbach's versatility is nice in an emergency, I don't think he should be starting at center over Gut-check. Now that Levi is most likely out for the next month, the team needs to revise its strategy. To me the most logical way to line-up would be to put Whitworth at his natural position of LT, Steiny's natural position LG, Bluto natural at C, and the right side of the line as is. I realize that Whitworth might be a bit of a liability on the blind-side with speed rushers, but you can always give him some help with a TE or RB. I think part of the OL problems are that people are playing out of position. The same thing (IMO) was happening with ABrooks. Look how well he performed when he was in his element (MLB). The only way we are going to find out if Bluto is worthy of replacing Braham in the long run is by playing him now. Sure things were a little rough when he was starting, but the communication has to develop over time. If we keep using Steiny to plug every hole on the OL, we are going to wear him out too. Then we'll be looking at 3 out 5 starters out.

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I agree with leaving Ghiaciuc at center until Richie can return (can't come soon enough, yeesh). It's lose-lose, based on yesterday's game. Either Steinbach is in providing better protection, but botching snaps... or Ghiaciuc is in allowing DTs to smear Carson.

True about Braham coming back, but until then (who knows?) the coaches have to come up with a strategy and stick with it. Shuffling Steiny around hasn't helped anything. When was the last time Rudi held to 3 yards on 7 carries for an entire half of football? That's just ridiculous.

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This caught my eye over on pft...

POSTED 7:26 p.m. EDT, October 15, 2006


A league source tells us that the Eagles are receiving phone calls from teams interested in trading for rookie guard Max Jean-Gilles.

Jean-Gilles, a fourth-round pick in the 2006 draft, appears on the team's depth chart as the No. 2 man at left guard.

It's unlikely that the Eagles will move him, unless someone offers something that would represent a major upgrade on paper over a fourth-round selection. As one league insider remarked, "Andy Reid likes to have a lot of guys around who are his size."

Reid's objective isn't to minimize his own girth by surrounding himself with other men of ample proportion, but to ensure that he always has enough offensive and defensive linemen around. The game, as Reid believes, is won in the trenches.

And Jean-Gilles can fill up a trench or two at six-foot-three, and 358 pounds.

Even though Jean-Gilles is a rookie, the rules permit him to be traded. Only unsigned rookies cannot be traded beyond a certain point following the draft.

I wonder if one of those teams is the Bengals?

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The guy was a stud in college. Is he still not physically able coming off of that injury, not have a good enough grasp of the playbook, or both? I've always liked the kid, but if this is an awful idea, please put me back in my place. Odell is great at avoiding blocks, and he called Wilkerson the best offensive lineman he's every played against... has to account for something.

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cant be worse then guycheck at grasping things ;)mybe his knee still isent healthy.

That's my assumption on Wilkerson. The Bengals really made a push to sign him after the draft his rookie year, so they certainly had high hopes for him. Had he not performed well enough in practice/camp to live up to that, I'd think they'd have just cut him. He's still afloat with the team, and something must be keeping him off the field. Whether it's the knee or some other undisclosed boo-boo, who knows.

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