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monday night weather forecast

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Denver's first snowfall due tonight

The first snow of the season could hit the metro-Denver region toward the end of this evening's rush hour, with 1-3 inches expected to fall through the night.

Rain and drizzle are predicted through today, with wet roadways and patchy fog. Roadways are not expected to freeze over tonight because they are still relatively warm, but snow could accumulate on grassy areas.

The Denver Broncos host the Baltimore Ravens at 6:30 this evening at Invesco Field, with weather expected to be a factor on the field. Fans should bundle up.

The foothills can expect 2-4 inches of snow tonight, with 4-8 inches expected above 8,000 feet.!

Sounds like it should be a fun game to watch... Go Broncos!

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I haven't seen the Ravens play yet this season, so that is of interest to me. The Ravens are in first, so seeing them get beat, is of interest to me. I've only got one loss this week in the Bengalszone pick'em, as well as the one I have potential for a monetary gain in, so a Ravens loss benefits me all around !!! I'll be watching this one for many reasons as well as the weather !!! GO BRONCOS !!!

Oh yeah, this is one of the few times I root for the Broncos, as I really can't stand Jake Plummer !!!


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