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Bill Simmons is hilarious


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3. Cincinnati, 3-0

Now here's an intriguing team. They can run the ball, throw the ball, stop the run, create turnovers and make plays on special teams. They're a five-tool team. So what can't they do? Other than stay out of trouble?

Anyway, if the Patriots don't have what it takes this winter for a fourth Super Bowl appearance, I'm pulling hard for Cincy to make it to Miami. And why? Because the Bengals would be out in Miami for two weeks!!!! Hide the women, hide the children, hide the Maxim models ... here come the Bengals! That would be the single greatest week in ESPN history. ESPN should station Ed Werder and Shelley Smith 24/7 outside the Miami Dade County courthouse right now just to be safe. Seriously, what would feature more arrests, Super Bowl week with the Bengals or Season 1 of "Miami Vice?" I'm 18 levels beyond giddy about this.

Strength in Numbers

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When we make it to Miami, I fully expect to see Marvin handcuffing Henry to his hotel door....


Good way to screw his arms overnight and make him ineffective for the game, but it'd avoid plenty of embarassment. Screw Stanley Wilson.

I say we get him one of those chambers some players sleep in and put a lock on it :P

well were at it we could get a bubble for odell that with only has exercise equipment in it

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