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Want to watch the game today?


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Hello everyone. I was here a few weeks ago chatting about the game and haven't had much time to drop in recently. I am so excited about this game today... I can't wait.

Anyways, the point I am here is because a guy on one of the Chief's boards will be streaming the game over the computer for those of us (like me) who aren't going to be in a region who is showing the game.

I have copied and pasted the instructions below. The quality isn't the absolute best, but it isn't horrible either. I used it a couple of weeks ago and it worked great for me. Much better than listening over the radio.

Take care and good luck to your team today.


First off if you dont have it already you will need to go download the Sopcast media player.


Secondly, we have a new person streaming the game. The person who did it last week got cold feet and decided not to do it anymore. Luckily I found some one else who is going to do it as well.

Once you have the above program installed you will need to enter the following address into the SOP Cast player.


Please be aware that the game might not be tuned in until GAME TIME, before that it will probably be tunned into a music channel so you might not have any video response but the game WILL auto tune to the correct channel at game time.

If you are using a router on your system you may want to try fowarding port 3902.

Good Luck and GAME ON!!!

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