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Lions Asst. arrested for DUI, driving in the nude


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Lions asst. arrested for driving nude

These were two different incidents, but alcohol was involved in both.

I suppose they could say there's little chance of getting the Steve Foley treatment when you're not capable of concealing a weapon. But still, this is making Chris Henry look good.

My favorite part (besides the obvious):

Cullen was fired from the University of Mississippi in 2005 after an alcohol-related arrest at a restaurant.

Mississippi Athletic Director Pete Boone told the Detroit Free Press on Wednesday that no one from the Lions contacted him for a reference.

Apparently the Bengals aren't the only team that doesn't know how to use Google.

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I'd like to know how these people get so high on the football food chain. You can't get a min. wage job @ a gas station without a background check these days, but an NFL coach making $100,000+ can slide this right past his employer. I brought this up one time as a joke, but I think govt., and companies really need a VP of common sense.

Usually when I'm drunk, I wait till I get the girl home before I take off my pants :lmao:

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According to a report in the Detroit Free Press, a Wendy's drive-thru worker called police after Cullen allegedly pulled his SUV to the window and picked up an order while naked.

"The suspect did nothing obscene, other than being naked at the drive-thru," the worker told Dearborn officers after the late-night incident on Aug. 24, according to the Free Press.

The drive-thru worker recalled to the Free Press that Cullen's order as a single combo: burger, fries and a drink.

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

Anyone else just have an Old School flashback? Honey, you think KFC's still open?

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Matt Millen really knows how to pick them, doesn't he? Man, this definitely ranks up there! I just want to know why on earth would you be in a car drving stark naked??? Actually....no I don't!

But at least he picked the right choice and went through the drive thru instead of dining in! :blink:

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I dunno if the Lions are hiring, but if so here's a candidate...



Oh man, that's CRAZY! All we need now is a nude judge and a public defender, and we're ready for the next reality show..."Naked Justice!" :lol:

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