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Well I just entered the chat room Terry. I'll just hang there while I watch the Nascar race on T.V.

Just a hint guy's, if you want to chat there, you have to be using a browser that is "Java" enabled. Netscape has it by default, Internet Explorer does NOT. Josh found this site to fix that:

Here's the link.. http://www.java.com/en/index.jsp and click on the Download button in the top right corner.

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Well I tried it and had no joy. But it was probably my net connection at work blocking that sort of thing...I'll give it a whirl at home either today or tomorrow.

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If you've got Mirc or another irc client you can access the chat through there also.

Just enter irc.newnet.net as the server and 6667 for the port. Then enter the channel #Bengalszone

Also if the server times out, retry and it should connect. The server seems to be up and down today for the chat.

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