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Name your practice squad


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Many of us have been guilty of dropping "PS" as a solution to many of our roster challenges, but the truth is that there might not be enough spots to go around for all of our favorite "projects".

The rules, as I understand them, are that there are 8 spots and players must have under 3 years of experience. It stands to reason that Marvin won't be using 3 spots for WR's.

Last year's squad (of seven) consisted of

...cornerback Patrick Body, safety Herana-Daze Jones, wide receiver Jamall Broussard, linebacker Derek Curry, fullback-tight end Ronnie Ghent, offensive lineman Pete Lougheed and running back Quincy Wilson.

In other words, 2 DB's, 3 offensive skill players, 1 o-lineman, 1 LB.

My leading candidates:

RB Dorsey or Wilson

WR Brazell

DE Henderson

LB Nicholson

DB Body

That leaves 3 spots.....probably 1 o-lineman, 1 DB, 1 offensive skill player

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Some players mentioned here are not eligible for the PS (RB Watson, DB Brooks, etc)....

Keift will be released or PUP'ed....

McNeal and Nicholson would never pass waivers, nor would Brazell in my estimation....

Look for the Bengals to scour the waiver wire as well to add to the PS....

Current players for the PS would be Body, Manderino, Busing, Henderson, Dorsey.....

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