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Big 3-team trade


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I honestly think K-wash would have produced better for the Falcons than Lelie ever will. Classic Snyder to go steal away a high value back right after having his starter hurt. The Broncos get the best of this deal easily as I see it. The Broncos get what they wanted by dumping Lelie for a first day pick, the Skins get some RB depth (but the third round pick isn't worth it... stupid move), and the Falcons...... ehhh..... A trade-bust-waiting-to-happen at WR and a loss to the only thing that made their offense worth anything... the running game.

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I guess this makes Dunn a better fantasy back this year, eh?

I guess. I don't understand this move from Atlanta's point of view at all. Their offense IS their running game. They just shot themselves in the foot. They know Vick can't throw. And now Lelie's gonna hafta come in and learn the playbook, and that's gonna take time. Stupid move by the Falcons, IMO.

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