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You gotta be kidding me

Bobcat Bengal

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You guys ever been to NFL. com? YOu know where all the logos are above the screen, where you can click on them and be transferred to the corresponding website? That cornball looking ass B is already up there....ugh.....

Thats all I wanted... :o

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I still get the tiger head. I've been off and on NFL.com all day and haven't seen the "B". Kinda strange. ;)

Press ctrl and F5 key to refresh the page, it sounds like you have the page stuck in your cache cause it's definately changed.

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billy - lovin the avatar!!  B)  Farley is the greatest *sniff*

Thanks ditty. I had to put the "Boobiemeister Babe" out to pasture for awhile. She''ll be back. I just got tired of this black and silver trailer trash showin' up here and talking smack, like their record last year allows such a thing.

These Raider fans are the spawn of all that's wrong with pro sports! Supporting owners that tear the soul from a community by moving their team, and then they take them back like nothing ever happened!?! Are you serious!?! It gives me an understanding of abused housewives that constantly take their wife beating husbands back!

Plus they're supporting Dan Snyder of the Redskins, Jerry Jones of the Cowboys, and Al Davis, who are trying to dissolve the league agreement. In essence trying to destroy everything that has brought the game to where it is today. Yet they worship the ground he walks on?

We might bitch about Mike Brown not being the brightest bulb on the string, but ***dammit...he's NEVER done to us what Al Davis did to Oakland!

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