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Bengals vs Bills


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Buffalo Bills begin at 15:00

S.Graham kicks 71 yards from CIN 30 to BUF -1. Jo.Smith to BUF 40 for 41 yards (S.Graham). PENALTY on BUF-A.Crowell, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at BUF 22. Return credited to spot of foul

1-10-BUF 12 (14:52) W.McGahee right tackle to BUF 14 for 2 yards (Ju.Smith, S.Smith).

2-8-BUF 14 (14:11) J.Losman pass short right to L.Evans pushed ob at CIN 39 for 47 yards (T.James). Receiver crossed over middle to left sideline after catch.

I have feeling rat got burned

2-8-CIN 37 (12:46) W.McGahee up the middle to CIN 31 for 6 yards (D.O`Neal). FUMBLES (D.O`Neal), RECOVERED by CIN-D.Jackson at CIN 30. D.Jackson for 70 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

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whats up w/ this - cant even listen to it online on the radio - anyone know where i can hear it, it seems it has been shut off on every affiliate i check...!

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anyone else have another audio link?

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Considering Levi and Willie aren't playing it isn't helping matters. We are absolutely horrible at giving Rudi a hole to run through, so it all the presure is on Radio's shoulders. He's having trouble getting the ball off and on target. We need to get Rudi a couple of good runs.

Quincy Wilson is looking good tonight. I wish we could get Rudi off, but Q seems to be doing ok instead. Maybe Bobbie can shake the damn rust off and quit holding.

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